HHD DYN-200 Chính xác 10 20 50 100 200 N.M Cảm biến mô-men xoắn quay động Máy dò đo công suất tốc độ

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Features and uses:

1. No contact parts such as brushes require regular maintenance and replacement of parts.

2. It achieves an index of more than 1/10000, and excellent zero point stability and small torque can achieve high-precision measurement.

3. The starting torque is very small, only 0.00001Nm. From static measurement to torque measurement at high speed, accurate measurement can be achieved.

4. No external circuit is required, and it can directly output standard voltage and current or RS485 communication to connect PLC or special instrument for torque and speed.

The standard output form is 0-5V, genarally we would send the 0-5V output, if you want 0-10, 4-20MA  or RS485 output please remark

And the Max Speed default is 10000rpm, if you want higher speed please remarkcontact us! (more than 10000rpm is customized, need to add price)


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